HI  i just wish i could not quit things. i start a bible study or a bible reading plan like reading the bible in a year and i only got to Gensis  3 and stop. i am going  to get picked back up here soon  cause i need to get back into the lords kindness and his love and his word.  i love jesus so much and i know he first loved me and everyone.

i am  doing  like  3 bible studies. one  is mended  heart. which is the last day for this  one  . but i am only in chapter 1  so  to me it is  like the begining.

2. will be  called  the book  of acts

3. will be David: seeking a Heart like his

and i am also doing the book  of john . with the first5 app  with proverbs31

i  so  love bible  studies  and  to keep  in touch with other christians.

and  to  get  closer to my loving savor Jesus Christ.

hello everyone. here at 3:03 pm eastern time . today started the Before Amen study. i am so excited to start because i truly

need to get into my prayer life more and more. I say that i am going to pray but then i  don”t  and  that is dishonestly god , and i do not want to do that  i love god / jesus so very much.  god is so wonderful and he truly is there for me. and do not know what i do with out him  it would . I would be lost with out him.  he truly has answered my prayers and ,and some of my unanswered prayers  that he  only knows why he did not answer them. he got a better plan for me i know he does thank u father for that  it is  so awesome to have  your spirit in my heart and soul .  i will be back  soon

1.  Empowerd .

well  it empowerd me  that i need to work  on my  power and ablities to get in gear  with  losing weight can also get right with god

2.  psalms 84.2

Linda  sour  longed and even  yeaned  for the counts of the   Lord,  Linda heart and  Linda flesh sing  joy  to the living god

3.  permissable     but not beneficral

i am not  sure   if i have a personal story  about as i am not sure what the meaning is    . i did look  at the meaning and i still do not  understand it .

4 A Raging Battle-

well  i also crave  more then god  sometimes  is Depressing  and also my computer   I like  being on the computer   all the time  it makes me  relax and also keeps me in touch with people.

1 my favored scripture  i have more then one but if u   need just one  it would be psalms 23 . The Lord is my shepherd:I shall not want.  what this verse means to me is   the lord is my shepherd he does lead me  and guild me and shows me  the love  and hope . i love that i have ask him into my life.

2.Jesus saves –  my personal story  is  i grow up  with a drunk of a father that beat me and my mom and other kids in the house . my mom took me to church  to feel the peace  put as  we was going  we truly believe in god and we got saved and we got baptized together in a river  it was so moving and special i will always remember the day that  we me and my mom god saved and baptized   it felt like a peace through me that everything going to be ok. god has been in my heart and life every sense.

3.my top 3.did   you participate in any of our studies in 2013 ? share three truths you learned and how they have help.  well one was stress less living  2   confident  heart  3  say  yes to god. what truth did i learn and how did it help me  well i have learn  to be more calm at times with my daughter  i do not yell at her  much  like i did .  and i took away that god is with me all  the time no matter the  time or day and what mood i am in  or anything . always count on him.

4. you are invited – write a post telling  why you joined made to crave OBS  and invite your readers to  join us , to o.why  i join  made to crave  is because i need to chance the way  i eat and   my health and to crave god in my life   to really get into  the way god wants me to be and feel in my life.

1. Domestic Diva

Not everyone feels very domestic  when it comes   to keeping  our home in or, bur our infection verse  reminds us that we  don”t  do everything . instead we take change  of managing our home. How does  this verse change your perspective of joyfully taking care  of the home front ? Proverbs 31,27  She  watches over the  activities  of her household.

Well  in my house   if i  do not mange my home nothing  will ever get done    .  my hubby does not help around that house so  if i do not do it then no one will.  I use to be so crazy about  if any thing gets on the floor  or the table tops or dishes not put in the dishwasher  i  would get so frustard    but now  I do not really care.  I  have notice that when  i do that, my blood presure  is down and i feel much better . I  still at times feel that i am not really  in the good in this and need help actully  with my daughter. sorry my spelling.

2. TIN-POT PAMPERS.Let”s face  it moms  we either micromanage our kids or do everything  for them  we can”t help it, they”re so gosh darn cute! But not every one has kids. moms. what insights can  you share with everyone  from what you experiences and by  reading  this chapter?  Is there  a victory you share about how  you”ve  nutured your kids by letting go ?

well i know i do let her be her self at times and  not control her every move . but i do see my self controlling her  area”s where she has to clean her room   my way and are”s like what she wears and other area”s also. i  want to help all the time  and  i see  that she really  does  not like that at all . i am really trying  to let  it go. she will be 7   years old in  10 days. so i  know  i really  need  to let  go with me controlling her and let her be her self.

3.[ HAMPERING HOME] Chapter 6 . ok   I was going to share a little picture  of  my home- but it”s beyond messy  at the moment [6 week old baby takes precedence over that pile  of books I”VE needed to sort  and put away for 6 weeks} sometimes  the dust bunnies  just keep multiplying because  there”s  no one  to sweep them away.  How did you find  chapter  6 helpful for taming your  home by sharing the responsibitities  ?   Well i know in my  home   if i do not  do anything nothing where ever  get done  hubby never helps me around that house . and i think that  why i do more of the controlling of my daughter cause i have her help me  with the house work with  things  that i know i should do my self. But I  am  seeing my self just letting the house work go and do it when i am really . i still  seeing my self controlling my daughter in almost everything and am really seeing myself  in chapter 5 and this chapter 6 also.  this study is truly talking to me  in so many ways.

4.PUT YOUR HANDS UP!  It was only three short years ago that i  got married to my best friend and  just seven weeks ago that we welcomed our first child in to the world  soooo- these two chapters seem to fit a much later time in my life. I know not everyone here has kids or is married. But we can still walk away  from these chapters  with  some wisdom what is the one thing  from these chapters  you hope  to hold  on to for the future ?

I  can hold on to  the fact that i can  be  less controlling   to my daughter  and to show her  how to do things in a  reason able way  and not telling her how it should  go and be more understanding  to her feelings  and not my feelings   and to show her love  and surport   and also when she is at the age to have her own child wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down that road that i  do not be controlling to my grand child.

1. Prevail … Have   you ever made plans  only to  have God  complely redirect them?share how  his plans  blessed your life or the life of those around you .

Many are the plans in a person’s  heart .but i is the Lord”s purpose that prevails.

I thank  i have made plans  that   God redirected   me to do  and for that i am greatful cause for him to do that he saw that it was not good for me  and that i am truly greatful.

2. Let. go.girl. chapter 3 .

when we willingly accept  our  lot in life, welcoming all that God is trying  to teach us  though it, we loas the drive to  over  control,to  micromange  in an all out  attempt to appear perfect and ensure  everything is “just so PG 54 Let. it. go , we all have things we  need  to let  go  of and allow God to take  control over

write  a prayer giving   God  control  over  every aspect of your life .

Dear God  i pray that i can let go  of me screaming and yelling at my child help me to understand that she is only 6  soon to be 7 years old and there are somethings she does not understand , give me the love and heart of every day life with my child i thank u for  giving me the blessing to be her mother  and father i pray that everyday i get more and more closer to u  and  u show me the wisdom and love of the word  and prayer in you  AMEN.

3.Stand by  your Man.

Chapter 4 .

Karen shared five  Bibical  ” dance steps for letting our husband lead.

which ones do you find the easiest to follow? , are there any you find  a wee bit more challenging ?

The easiest would be  number 2 Know the backing off and not controlling  your husband will feel very foreigh.

the reason i say  that  is cause   my hubby makes all the decisions   but i do have a say in it from time to time but it  is he that makes the final decisions . and that ,  one  that gets me wee bit challenging would be number one . Realize that the act of submitting is always a choice by and an action of the wife.

I know it said in the bible that we should submit   but for some reason that hard for me i know i need to work  on this one. i have been married to my husband for 20 years and yes we have had our ups and downs but we are in it  till death do us part.  thank u father for blessing me with a sweet man and  a loving daughter  amen.

I am just starting to read chapter 1 of Let. It.Go  book and i sure can relate to this.

i feel that i am out of control with my daughter for sure.   i tend to yell at her all the time . if i do not have that one thing that is right   i am not a happy person.  i am a fraid that if i do not stop that she will hate me as she gets older and want nothing to do with me. i do not know why i feel this way. i am so looking forward  in this study  so i can get in controe of my life and be more of a mom  like i am suppose to be.    i like when the lady said about the 2 girls   that is sure is the way my daughter is at times.  i will be back soon.

1. Whatever!  share  ways you can live out this week”s reflection verse.

whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the  Lord, not for men  Colossians 3:23

I think I would live out this week reflection verse by letting God be in control and trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul.

2.WIRED. Chapter one  . welcome control anonymous .  Gather around and introduce yourselves.

I my name is  Linda Somerton and i have a tendency  to control   i,m a  people pleaser . But  i truly think i am  all of these

i hope  to get out of this study is  be more relaxed   and  go  witrh  the flow and to be able to talk to my daughter  with out screaming at her for everything. it has to be my way   i truly need to stop that  before i get so out of control.

3. ooo!  shiny! Chapter  two

This World is full  of shinny  things  for our attention. What are things  in your life that have turned into  controling tangents? Let help each other break just one.

The very most of mine would be facebook ,. I am on it all the time . But  my only way to get in touch with my family as they are in Dubai  [ overseas]  and facebook is the only way to get a hold of each other . but i do also do games on facebook    that  i know i should  try and reduce   my time in doing  but is so much fun and that how i relax.  i know i need help and i know  i could be spending much more time with God and his word. i know i should be putting god into my everyday  routin in everything i do .

God help me  to know that you come first in my life and that i need  to spend more time with you  and your word. AMEN.